Financial Services and CFO Services

Financial/CFO Consulting

 Wolcott Corp can provide you with a large variety of services to help a company that may not be doing as well as it could.  These services are designed to root out problem situations or explore opportunites for change and/or growth.  An initial first step is to assess the company's present position. 



  • Financial analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses 
  • Determine borrowing positions and make recommendations
  • Marketing analysis
  • Sales team evaluation for 
  •  Once the analysis has been made we can proceed to the planning stage to correct problems and enhance what is successful competency and efficiency
  • Assistance in making financial decisions 



  • Develop an action plan
  • Perform periodic re-evaluations to keep the company on course
  • Develop a business plan showing the effects of the action plan

Your company may be interested in engaging Wolcott Corp for special projects.  The projects may be vital to a company and input from an outside source can be valuable. 

Special Projects...

Jim Edwards of Wolcott Corporation has been providing Financial Services and CFO Services since 1991.

Analyze contracts 

Work with CPA and auditors

Assist in legal situation working with corporate attorneys

Analyze new business opportunities 

Assist with negotiation of contracts or settlement of disputes

Sale of assets or downsizing

In today's economic environment decisions are being made that can make or break a company.  Wolcott Corp employees have many years of banking and loan placement experience. 



  • Assist with lender problems 
  • Find new banking relationships
  • Manage existing lender or investor relationships

Sometimes owners need a sounding board for their ideas; someone they can talk to "in trust" and know they will receive honest evalutions and opinions.  We strive to be a "confidante" with integrity, acting for your best interest in a forthright manner. 

Fee Structure...

 Our fees are very flexible and are based on the scope of the work and the estimated time to complete it.  Fees can be billed by the hour, day, week, month or project.

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